Medicare doesn’t generally cover long-term care services. Long-term care refers to a range of services and supports that help individuals with daily activities and medical needs over an extended period, typically due to chronic illnesses, disabilities, or cognitive impairments. Examples of long-term care services include assistance with bathing, dressing, eating, medication management, and nursing home care.

Medicare coverage is primarily focused on acute medical care, such as hospital stays, physician services, and certain post-acute care services like skilled nursing facility care and home health care. However, there are specific circumstances where Medicare may provide limited coverage for short-term skilled nursing facility care or home health care under certain conditions, typically following a hospital stay.

For long-term care services, individuals often need to explore alternative options for coverage. These may include:


Medicaid is a joint federal and state program that provides healthcare coverage for low-income individuals. It does cover long-term care services, including nursing home care and home and community-based services, for those who meet the eligibility requirements.

Long-Term Care Insurance

Private long-term care insurance policies are available for purchase and can help cover the costs of long-term care services. The coverage and eligibility criteria vary based on the specific policy.

Medicare Advantage Plans

Some Medicare Advantage (Part C) plans may offer additional benefits and coverage options beyond what Original Medicare provides. Some plans may include limited coverage for long-term care services or offer benefits for in-home care.

Personal Savings and Other Financial Resources

Individuals may choose to rely on personal savings, investments, or other financial resources to pay for long-term care services.

It’s crucial to plan ahead for long-term care needs and consider various options for coverage based on your individual circumstances. Consulting with a financial advisor or an elder law attorney can provide guidance on planning for long-term care and understanding the available options for coverage.

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